Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ethel & Maud

'Ethel was a creature 'bout as lovely as can be. Ethel was an island in the sea......' Mr Billy Mowbray, from ManOrMouse?, sings. He was kind enough to let us interpret 'Ethel and Maud' as we liked. Here's how it turned out, with black waves, for the single and print. There are also two smaller variations on grey and white, with blue waves. We hope you like them!

Make sure you stop by at ManOrMouse?'s bandcamp to hear more of 'The Learning Curve' album. You won't regret it! This would make biroRobot's Desert Island Album Discs - no word of a lie!

Click that subtle little black triangle below to listen to 'Ethel and Maud' (First time blogging with a small black triangle - if it works, I'll be jumping up and down. If it doesn't work, I'll be jumping up and down.)


Unknown said...

absolutely loving the blue waves!!!

biroRobot said...

Thank you Lovely Nuit.

bR x

biroRobot said...

Here's the happy post Nuit wrote about biroRobot -

Love it!

Littletree Designs // Rebecca said...

Jump up and down! the little black triangle works! sounds good..the print is pretty fab too x

biroRobot said...

WooHooo! (I am jumping!)

Thank you Littletree with the lovely blog!

bR x