Thursday, 5 January 2012

Hudson - Against The Grain

We're starting the year with a nice tune and coloured pencils. Hudson's 'Against The Grain' music video, produced by film maker/animator VJ Dropbear (aka Jonathan Chong), has had a million plays in the two months it has been on Vimeo. A simple and memorising artist's dancing sweet shop.

WARNING: This video may contain pencils, which can cause a reaction, even pencil envy.


Unknown said...

Gosh, I suddenly have the desire to go out and buy pencils...crazy stuff. Love the video and love your blog.

Littletree Designs // Rebecca said...

This video is brilliant! It must have taken ages to make...reminds me of that new school year and getting new stationary, the excitement!x

biroRobot said...

(chuckle) Thank you both for your great comments. It definatley gave me art shop withdrawal.

Off to sharpen pencils. WhooHaah ! bR X