Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Graham Carter's 'Me, Marionette - The Astronaut'

This great short animation is the first of three to advertise Graham Carter's solo illustration exhibition 'Me, Marionette - An Exhibition of New Work' at Ink-d Gallery in May. This is the journey of the Astronaut.

Concept, Design and Direction - Graham Carter, Co-Direction and Animation - Simon Armstrong, Music - Richard Spiller and Produced by Ticktockrobot. We're looking forward to the next two !


Carterworks said...

Thanks for the mention! Can i just point out that it should read 'An Exhibition of New Work' rather than New York....... dont want anyone getting disappointed with the lack of American references in the show...! :0)
Thanks! Graham

biroRobot said...

You are very welcome ! Sorry for the mistake - what a difference a letter makes ! It's corrected.

Looking forward to the exhibition.


illustration poetry said...

wow this is looking awesome!!!